Vintage Horse Racing Official Print - 'October Meeting' Sir Alfred Munnings.

Vintage Horse Racing Official Print - 'October Meeting' Sir Alfred Munnings.

“October Meeting” by Sir Alfred Munnings.


Vintage Mid-20th Century - Offically Approved Print (reproduced with permission of the original's owner).


Mounted on original wood/board with card frame.


Published in 1957 by Frost and Reed Ltd.  Bristol & London, England.
Copyright in all countries including U.S.A. (Printed in England).

Reproduced by Kind Permission of Mrs. Y. Jacobson, owner of the original painting (centre bottom).


Painted by Sir Alfred Munnings, K.C.V.O.P.P.R.A.


Sir Alfred Munnings was one of England’s most notable equine painters.  From humble beginnings, he worked his way through Norwich School of Art.  Despite the loss of sight in his right eye due to an accident, he entered the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1899 and had two paintings accepted.  He was then 21 years old.  Munnings frequently accepted commissions from society patrons for portraits, but horses were his passion.  He often painted scenes of hunting on horseback or of horse racing.


The picture part of the print is in good condition, could do with cleaning but the colours look lovely - the mount glue is clearly visible on the border but does not affect the print when framed. 

The board and mount are old, worn, dirty and loose/separated, so will need replacing or repairing.


There is an unusual/interesting sticker on the back that reads:

This limited edition picture is worth a considerable amount of money, if disposal becomes necessary consult Whitcombe, Fine art dealers of Cheltenham regarding sale and prices.


P.G. Willoughby Warren.

88 BUSHEY ROAD - RAYNE'S PARK - LONDON - SW20 0JH - 01-947 3333"


Size: 28.5" x 15.5" (print size not including border or mount).