Add-On Baby Plants.

Like all organisms sometimes our little green friends also need a push in the right direction and healing stones can provide them with just that. 


Just gently push the chosen crystal into the soil where it can go to work immediately for the plant.


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for plants because you can bury it and nestle it among their roots.


Choose the plants you wish to help revive and bury a small Clear Quartz stone next to it. Make sure it’s close—touching, even. If it’s too far away then the plant won’t be able to receive the benefits, just as if its water and nutrients were kept out of reach.


Moss Agate

One of the best crystals for plants, Moss Agate promotes a stronger connection between you and your plant.


When you’re feeling blocked but your plant is thriving, you’ll be able to harness some of its positive energy to help cleanse yourself.


Likewise, when your plant is suffering and you’re feeling calm and balanced, you can pass that energy onto your plant more easily. 


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is an excellent protection stone. It shields your plants from the negative intentions of other organisms.  


In addition to its protective properties, Tiger’s Eye is a stone of support. It gives plants the strength they need to impress.


As a stone of success and abundance, it ensures a good harvest if you’re growing your own veggies.


Never bury Tiger’s Eye. Always keep it above ground but close to the plants in order for it to do its job as one of the best gardening crystals.